We have listed an 常见问题解答 and glossary of the most common questions and terms used in financial aid. 正规买球app十佳排行鼓励您使用该资源. 联邦政府也有一个很好的帮助部分 FAFSA. 点击faq查看关键主题. Or use the Help section for detailed information about each aspect of the FAFSA.

每个打算上大学的人都应该申请. In families, each college student must apply separately for financial aid. 你必须每年重新申请.

完成 免费申请联邦学生资助 (FAFSA) and release the data to Davenport University by filing in DU's School Code (002249).

在他们的网站上申请 FAFSA



Is t在这里 a deadline for filing the Free Application for 联邦学生资助 (FAFSA)?

要了解截止日期,请访问 联邦学生资助

Is t在这里 a deadline for filing the Free Application for 联邦学生资助 (FAFSA) for state aid?

该州的优先处理截止日期是3月1日. 学生 may still submit an application for financial aid after March 1, 然而, 奖学金, 奖助金, 低利息贷款, and funds for campus jobs are limited and can sometimes be offered only to students who meet the March 1 state deadline. Funding is limited and students who meet the March 1 deadline are first in line for this funding.


教育署会发出一份学生资助报告. 当您收到此邮件时,请检查是否有错误. 在网上改正任何错误. 的 金融援助 Office will notify you of any further steps you may need to take. You may have to complete and submit one or more of the following as part of the 验证过程:

Additional information may be required, based on your application status. 保留所有用于准备FAFSA的收入材料的副本. 及时回复来自买球app哪个好用官网app的所有信息请求.  

是的. 然而, 一旦你提交了联邦学生资助免费申请(FAFSA), you may be able to have some of your information prefilled for you on the online FAFSA the next year. 的 FAFSA will have about 75% of the information on the form pre-entered from the year before. 您需要完成指示的区域, as well as any other area that has changed from what is indicated on the new application.

Financial aid eligibility is based on the information provided by students and their families on the FAFSA application form. Costs of school and the income and assets of students and parents all factor into the determination of financial aid eligibility.

Once my aid eligibility is determined, how much financial aid can I expect to receive?
学生的经济状况差异很大, 因此,正规买球app十佳排行不能为学生预期的收入提供固定的数额. T在这里 are several financial aid calculators on the web that can help students figure their estimated family contribution (EFC). 的 大学理事会EFC计算器 是一个. Need-based financial aid awards for students will be determined by priority filing date, 基金的可用性, 以及估计的家庭贡献. 查看其他资源 在这里.

Federal financial aid is made up of 贷款, 奖助金, and work subsidy programs. Loans offered to students and parents are subsidized in part by the federal government, 这使得它们比商业贷款更有吸引力. 的 ability of students to defer repayment until they leave school is also a feature not found in commercial 贷款. 因此,学生贷款被认为是援助.

Federal grant money is reserved for the students and families in most need. Middle to high-income families t在这里fore might see little or no federal grant money in their packages.

Merit-based aid is determined based on academic criteria, such as student scores and activities. 经济需要不影响择优奖的颁发. Merit-based 奖学金 are an example of merit-based aid as they are based on academic excellence. Need-based aid is determined based on a student's financial need and consist of 奖学金, 奖助金, 贷款, 和勤工助学.

What if I have a loss of income/job due to COVID-19 or the economic downturn?
Davenport University recognizes that many households have had a significant drop in income in the 2020 calendar year due to the pandemic and accompanying economic downturn. 的 information provided on the 2020-2021 FAFSA by students and families may not reflect the current economic situation. 

学生, their spouses and parents (if the student is dependent) who have suffered a loss of income and/or job due to the COVID-19 pandemic or economic downturn should submit a 特别考虑请求

How do course withdrawals and reinstatements impact my financial aid eligibility?
If you are withdrawn from a course (student-initiated or attendance policy) your financial aid may be adjusted and returned accordingly. 如果您随后恢复到该课程, you may not be eligible for your original financial aid package for the semester.


We award students Spring/Summer aid starting around the end of October for the students who are scheduled for Spring/Summer.  随着学生全年入学,春夏奖也会增加.  学生 can email 经济援助办公室 to see what financial aid they could be eligible for before they schedule for Spring/Summer.

Do all students have to first schedule for Spring/Summer before an award is applied?
No.  如果你的第一学期是冬季, we will award you for both the Winter and the Spring/Summer semesters at the same time.  如果你的第一学期是秋季, you can request a Spring/Summer award be applied even if you haven't enrolled by 联系 经济援助办公室.

Do I have to attend the Spring/Summer semester to keep my 贷款 in deferment?
一般来说,没有.  Federal Direct Loan servicers view summer semesters as an optional semester for attendance.  如果你有私人或替代贷款, 请与您的贷款人了解有关校内延期状态的详细信息.

Can my parents take out a Parent PLUS loan in the Spring/Summer semester?
Eligibility for Federal Direct Loans is the same regardless of which semester you attend.  查找正规买球app十佳排行信息 在这里.

我能在春季/夏季学期获得Graduate PLUS贷款吗?
Eligibility for Federal Direct Loans is the same regardless of which semester you attend.  查找正规买球app十佳排行信息 在这里.

Some forms of financial aid like 奖学金 and Federal Direct 贷款 require half-time (six credits undergraduate, 三学分毕业)入学.  其他形式并不一定要求半程注册.  有关正规买球app十佳排行细节,请参见上面的援助类型列表.

只有你注册了课程,你才能获得经济资助.  If you live on campus and have no classes, you will not be eligible for financial aid awards.